Fast Working Top Best Free Directory Submission Sites List 2016

Directory Submission list like paid and free both are very useful for SEO. Directory submission is one of the best and most effective way these days these days for improving SEO. Due to the huge competition on Google, SEO plays a vital role in order to make your website visible on the search engines. Submitting the sites in popular and fast working directories can boost your ranking within the shorter period of time in Google.

There are two types of Directory submission – paid and free submission. It gives you the dofollow link to your money site which increases the authenticity of a blog in the eyes of Google and blog ranks high. This is nowadays difficult for new bloggers because they aren’t able to find the best free fast working Directory submission in 2016. Here, in the post, we will provide you all suitable and necessary information about this which will work in 2016. Also, check the complete list of fast working best free directory submission sites in 2016 where you can submit your site.

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  Free Directory Submission Sites List

Directory Submission Sites

Many professional bloggers using the Paid Directory submission method as it helps in the quick ranking of the blog. The free Directory Submission takes the time to process. But here we will let you about the free fast working DS. If you are also looking for the DS sites then this post would be the worth option for you to read. Directory Submission in 2016 is one of the major parts of the SEO optimization for pro bloggers.

This will also help you to increase the popularity of your blog. DS is the easiest way for ranking in Google in 2016 if you are using this tool rightly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to stand away from the competition in Google. This method will surely go to help you to rank your page high in google. So, let’s start without wasting time about the best free fast working Directory submission.

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 Free Directory Submission Sites List

Free and Paid Directory Submission: Which is Better?

We all know that paid service has been given more importance than free submission. Because Directory submission helps you to improve your site visibility and increases popularity as well. Your website will get instantly indexed in the directory if you are a paid user. But you will be amazed to know that more than 70 percent directories are available for free use which also increase the blog credibility and boosts ranking in Google.

New bloggers can easily avail the free directory submission method to submit their blog or website. So, it is difficult to say that which one service is better over other: paid or free. But according to reports and analytics, paid directory submission has been given more priority than free submission.

What is Directory Submission and How to use it Effectively

Directory submission helps you to improve the search engine visibility in the google. It is a part of the modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is considered as the most powerful way to get quality backlinks to your blog within the limited time. Google may spam your website if you are using too many keywords in all posts.

Before submitting the website to any site, make sure that you blog is completely fulfilled with On-Page SEO optimization. It is important to use both On Page and Off Page SEO optimization in the blog for good rankings in Google. Every factor plays an important role in ranking. Your website in DS will be approved only once you submitted it in the correct category and subcategory.

How to use it Effectively?

• Check the list of the best free fast working submission in 2016 in this post below.

• Go to one by one and submit your blog in each with proper description and title.

• Remember to put your website in the proper category and subcategory in the directory.

• The website will get added to the directory after few days and you will get a dofollow link.

Directory Submission Sites

You may hear the word “Google Juice”. Yes, it is generally referred to as the Page Rank of the blog. Do not submit the blog or website to any of the directory available. Make sure that you are submitting your blog on High PR directories which helps you to get the Page Rank soon in shorter time. If you submit it in low PR director then the blog rank may get down due to spam.

So, it is always suggested to search and look for only best high PR directory to submit your site. All directories on the web are not good because many of them are spam in the eyes of the Google. That’s why many bloggers face the ranking issue in Google search engine later. There are mainly three types of free Directory submission. The primary type of free Directory Submissions are:

• Paid or Featured Listing

• Free or Regular Listing

• Regular Link with Reciprocal

Importance of Directory Submission for SEO in 2016

There are many SEO techniques available to rank any blog or website in Google search engine. But using these techniques rightly is more important than knowing it. The various SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques include Commenting on other blogs, forum posting, guest posting, directory submission, social bookmarking, etc. Directory submission is also the best tool these days for making your blog or website to rank high in Google.

These directories generally add your website URL to their database and gives you quality backlinks. Backlinks are the backbone of the ranking in Google. Do follow links are more effective as compared to no follow. The more you get the dofollow links more the rankings will be high in search engines. But remember to get the only quality dofollow links from these directories otherwise your website will get spammed by Google. That’s why SEO techniques are very important and needs proper implementation.

Don’t worry about it because here in the post I had provided you the complete list of fast working best free directory submission sites in 2016 that you can feel safe and easy to submit your website. These directories are free to use and do not require any signup or amount for submission. You are supposed to provide the detailed description and suitable title during submission. This method is generally used by many SEO experts and professional bloggers. In the beginning, SEO techniques are quite challenging for the beginners. You can check the more advantages of directory submission sites from below topic.

If you want to rank your website within the shorter period of time than web directories can increase your page ranking in Google. Not only in Google but also helps to gain rankings in other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. Your page will appear on the top of the search results if you are using this technique properly. Patience is the key to success in blogging field. You need to keep patience after submitting your website in social bookmarking websites. Because it will take some days to get the desired results and your website will get approved.

Advantages of Directory Submission Sites List

There are many advantages of directory submission in 2016 from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view. Directory submission is well known for Off Page SEO optimized tips. This helps in getting rankings and blog popularity as well. The major benefits of Directory Submission are as follows:

• It will help you to get the better search engine ranking earlier

• It increases authenticity and credibility of the website or blog

• It provides the link popularity ( best for incoming links to the blogs)

• Helps to improve the keyword relevancy

• Helps to gain organic traffic on blog or website

• Domain Authority: The best thing about the social bookmarking site is that it helps in gaining the domain authority to the site. The domain authority can be increased by gaining the quality do-follow backlinks.

Guide to submitting website into Directory

There are few guidelines which you need to follow while submitting the site into a directory. Editors will not approve your website if they will find any guideline violation. This is due to avoid spamming on the internet. You have to mention the proper title which dows not contain any keywords in it. Provide the descriptive and relevant description of the blog.

The length of description should be in between 20 to 50 characters. Write the good meta description tags and most important is to select the proper category of your website or blog. Also, enter the valid and full URL of your blog. By keeping these things in mind, your website will easily get approved for directory submission.

The internet is the main source of interaction between the customers and business owners these days. Technology is getting advanced day by day. The competition also increasing in every field. Similarly, one cannot get simply succeeded in blogging field. Blogging is full of challenges, needs patience and brain drain techniques to rank blog high in search engines.

The fast working Directory submission in 2016 is the best tool for many bloggers to face the competition in the blogging field. Most of the popular directories like DMOZ takes a very long time approving the blog in their directory that’s why we provided the list of instantly approved directory submission sites.

Best working free Directory Submission Sites 2016 List

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40. 7



The above is the list provided for the best free fast working Directory submission sites 2016. Now, you have to use and go to all of them one by one. Add your site to the proper category to get it approved fast.

If you are opting paid option then your blog will get indexed instantly in the directory while free submission will take days to get approved by the admit. Directory Submission is the best and efficient way to get quality dofollow backlinks to your blog. It will also help to increase your blog ranking.

Final Verdict Free Directory Submission Sites List 2016

I am sure that this post and the list of the directory submission websites will help your blog to rank high in google. If you still have any query regarding the directory submission then let us know through your valuable response. If you know more best directories for website submission then let us know below through comment. So, submit your website to the directory and enjoy SEO ranking.

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